After decades of running over pedestrians by the dozen in games without a thought.

It’s actually a little bit unsettling to think that each of them might have unique talents.

Not so much that I drive more carefully, but after playing Watch Dogs: Legion, i think about it more.

Where every NPC can be recruited as a playable character and each has their own weapons, abilities, and traits that can give them very different playstyles.

Legion’s map is a vision of a near-future London metropolitan area, it is beautifully detailed and immediately recognizable.

Its skies are dense with autonomous drones patrolling the streets.

Streets are filled with a mix of old gas-mobiles and Tesla-style self-driving cars.

Its landmarks are emblazoned with fascist banners and bright holographic projections.

It’s a cool look, though cruising around busier areas can definitely tank your frame rate.

There are some overt political themes in play here, such as privatizing the police being a bad idea, how giving up personal privacy for security is a good way to end up in a dystopia.