Epic games has launched the new V15.30 update with new exotic weapons in the battle royale and a new LTM’s and a lot of new cosmetics.


New weapons: Chug Cannon, Frozen & Burst Quad Launcher

They keep adding more and more excotic weapons and now we have three new weapons – Chug Cannon, Frozen & Burst Quad Launcher.

Like the name says the Chug Launcher works like the Bandage Bazooka.

The Burst Quad Launcher and the Frozen are very OP.Both of the deal a lot of damage. The damage is 35 and 42 while the Frozen has oke reload time of just two seconds.

Mando’s Bounty LTM


The Mandalorian has also rechieved a update . unfortunately the rumored cosmetics has not been released yet, but he has got his own LTM.

You need to complete bounties to get credits you equip your  bountie puck and you need to get credits if someone kills your bountie you get the person as bounty and your credits to get by killing him dont reset.

You have 3 lives and you have as standard weapons are:Green Assault Rifle, Blue Lever Shotgun.